5 Healthy Habits for Interior Designers

I’ve been trying to figure out how it’s possible to live a more sustainable life as an Interior Designer in Lagos.

With a lot of info online, i’ve been able to sift through a couple tips that might be of help.

1. Maintain originality

This is me sitting here trying to figure how to maintain originality, especially when a client keeps showing up with the same Pinterest image over and over again, expecting it to be copied exactly. Now you might wonder what originality has to do with sustainability, but see, as a designer, you get your self esteem from being able to create. The more you copy the less like yourself you feel. this has a huge impact on your mental heath


What I would do in this situation is to take a look at these images, try to find exactly what they want, and try as much as possible to leave a piece of myself in the process of creating that space. in other words fight to be as original as the situation would allow. In due time your voice would be clear and your clients will believe.  .

2. Practice Meditation 

Lagos is fit enough to frustrate you to no end, you could be all zen in the morning but by time you put your foot out, you are likely to end up in a bad state.


What I do is find a way to live centered. I find one thing that keeps me going, to sort of use that to orient myself. Sometimes it’s a bible verse, sometimes it’s a motivational phrase that I keep on repeating to myself all day just to stay centered… because Lagos can be crazy. 

3. Rest / Sleep 

Lagos Designer? Deadlines can finish you, if there’s anything like sleep, how? when you have to deliver jobs that naturally take 6 months in a month.

Solution: None, really loll!!. ok sleeeep!!! Rest !!!!

The best you could is try to get sleep for 6 to 7 hours, so you are refreshed for the day.

It’s scientifically proven that sleep disorders, irritability and mental fatigue are all linked.

A study done in 2017, at the University of Halfa in collaboration with the Department of Nursing and the Department of Creative Art Therapy, shows that those in the visual creative fields reportedly have more disturbed sleep, which leads to difficulty in daytime functioning. 

This is due to the fact that expression of visual creativity involves different psycho-biological mechanisms not found in people in other fields.

These findings prove that sleep patterns could be distortive to work, and for those within the visual creative fields like Interior design, might need to take more deliberate approaches to ensure getting at least 7 hours of the recommended sleep time everyday..

4. Exercise 

I’ve watched myself gain up to 10-15 pounds just not exercising. There’s no jokes about this one, because the stress levels in this job is high and for me I stress eat.

For designers a dedicated amount of strength training and cardio like brisk walking or running could be game changing in heightening mood levels and physical strength.

A lot of design work involves vigour to sustain, and exercises are proven to improve psychological well-being which is a great means to get your mind and body in sync for creative production.

5. Diet  

I would advise, as a designer in Lagos, gala and coke is your friend loll!!!, but on serious note, balanced meals are important but could be unrealistic to stick through especially for those in a field like interior design.

This is due to the work nature of interior designers, who are either ever on the move or have no stable mapped routines to get real deliberate or conscious about meals.

And the result is unhealthy indulges, binge eating, junk fillers, skipped meal times, fast food and lots of coffee which aren’t so bad in the moment till effects of improper attention of such dietary lifestyle yields badly overtime.

For interior designers, making a balanced meal can be realistically actualised, as long as you keep it minimal; work on healthy meals within your reach and budget, and slowly integrate other changes till it becomes second nature to you. 

Meal preps are also great for interior designers and you can get visual about them too, just to keep you grounded.

Prepare your meals a day ahead or a night before, target supplements and light meals easy to have on the go, snack healthy, avoid alcohol – you don’t need anything clouding your visual function.

Stay hydrated, keep a bottle close to you always, and take out days for food breaks to keep your gut in check.

Added Tip: 

Have healthy relationships within the design community because truth is, we all understand ourselves, and it helps to have a shoulder to cry on when things get tough.

Myself × Diseye Tantua
Photo Credit: Joseph Conteh

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