5 Healthy Habits for Interior Designers

I’ve been trying to figure out how it’s possible to live a more sustainable life as an Interior Designer in Lagos. With a lot of info online, i’ve been able to sift through a couple tips that might be of help. 1. Maintain originality This is me sitting here trying to figure how to maintainContinue reading “5 Healthy Habits for Interior Designers”

Our Favourites For The Month Of October

We’ve recapped everything that we loved and purchased this month in a much more deliberate decision to shop small, and support Afro inspired designers and businesses within the interior space. Definitely more to come, but for now, happy shopping! For Your Home  The Kindred Wallpaper Collection A collection created by Malene Barnett in collaboration withContinue reading “Our Favourites For The Month Of October”

Designer Spotlight: House of Staples

Kachi Opara, a Nigerian based Lead Designer at House of Staples has been known for transforming her apartment into this beautifully expressed hygge style space with bits of Africanism. Kachi, living the hygge life in Abuja, Nigeria, documents online, how she transits her apartment into this extreme serene space. It’s wonderful to see how sheContinue reading “Designer Spotlight: House of Staples”

Design Week Lagos 2021: A Design Revolution

The 2nd installment of The Design Week Lagos (DWL), featuring flagship events celebrating the works of indigenous designers across Africa, will be held citywide in Lagos, Nigeria.  Founded by Titi Ogufere in 2019, DWL aims to celebrate the works of African designers, highlighting the importance and impact of design on economic, social, cultural, and environmentalContinue reading “Design Week Lagos 2021: A Design Revolution”