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An Interview With Chibu Oloyebua, Lead Designer – Manukwa Atelier

A lot of designers might be able to pinpoint the moment they fell in love with their craft and decided to go for it, but for Chibu, it wasn’t that simple. From the time she was really quite young, she always had the desire to be deviant in approach and path, coming from a family of architects and designers. 

While her career trajectory and motives led her into other directions, along the line she found her way within the design field which she considers her passion.  

Today, Chibu serves as the founder and principal designer behind Manukwa Atelier, serving clients across Africa. We sat down with Chibu to discuss the founding of her business, what drives her inspiration and the #1 piece of advice she’d give designers just starting out in the industry. Chibu’s innate talent shines throughout her portfolio, and we know you’re going to love our conversation.

What’s one piece of advice you wished you’d received when you were just starting out?  

Be yourself. That’s the only way to grow as a creative person, because when you try to be someone else, you might be successful but you will never be comfortable. Most creatives aren’t marketers, so the only time they get excited to talk and sell is when that thing is fundamental to who they are.

Tell us about the daily rituals that help you thrive as a designer.  

Favourite Designer you are feeling right now/Designers who inspire you.

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