Wear Your Interior Design Style

Fashion and Interior Design overlap in many areas, just as fashion is an expression of personality so also can the interiors of your space be an extension of the story you want to tell about yourself. What I find interesting about this is the fact that you can literally dress up your home to lookContinue reading “Wear Your Interior Design Style”

Design Week Lagos 2021

A Recap on all the happenings at the Design Week Lagos 2021, The IDEA Award Winners, The Netflix Original: Made by Design Series Premier & A Peek at The Design Kulture Exhibition Space. Design Week Lagos came through as ever, celebrating the works of creatives within the design space in Africa. DWL 2021 consisted aContinue reading “Design Week Lagos 2021”

Eko Design 2021 Exhibition Recap

EkoDesign 2021, hosted by Tola Akerele and sponsored by the Lagos State Ministry of Culture and Tourism, showcased the most creative pieces by independent Nigerian Designers and Furniture Makers. Check out our exclusive highlights from the exhibit space. The 3-Day Event kicked off with opening ceremony on the 21st of October at the Ebony LifeContinue reading “Eko Design 2021 Exhibition Recap”

Eko Design Exhibition 2021

Eko Design 2021 kicks off this year, showcasing talents in interior making and design within Nigeria.   The Furniture and Lighting Exhibition aims to curate the best pieces made by Designers within Nigeria. Eko Design 2021 is presented by The Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture in collaboration with IDesign and Ebony Life Place.Continue reading “Eko Design Exhibition 2021”

Scandrick Project – Master Bedroom 

Brief: A bachelor’s bedroom centered around the need to create an invigorating and peaceful space to escape the Lagos Wahala. Inspiration (colour palette & design ideas): Brown accents and neutrals –  half chocolate, half vanilla ice cream mix.( ‘cos inspiration can be gotten anywhere lol!) Design Approach Since the owner had asked for a simpleContinue reading “Scandrick Project – Master Bedroom “