Wear Your Interior Design Style

Fashion and Interior Design overlap in many areas, just as fashion is an expression of personality so also can the interiors of your space be an extension of the story you want to tell about yourself.

What I find interesting about this is the fact that you can literally dress up your home to look like you.

We have found some great inspiration for your everyday style and spaces.

Natural Finishes

Photo Credit: Georg Roske, Andrea Iyamah, MAM Originals

If you are one with love for natural finishes and materials in their raw state, (e.g, Jute & Raffia), fashion pieces like those of Andrea Iyamah’s Basket Earring, or something as fashionable as this Raffia Bag by MAM, might appeal to you.

The River Basket Earrings makes a choice piece for bold statements as well as MAM’s tote, which maintains a natural Raffia form.

Both style picks are great infusions to stay expressive with, if natural materials or finishings are really your thing.

African Textiles

Photo Credit: Eva Sonaike

If you are definitely someone into African Textures, Fabrics or Afro-contemporary style interiors, fashion accessories with similar patterns or fabrics might be your go-to.

Photo Credit: Eva Sonaike, Xzenda

Eva Sonaike’s decor pieces celebrates the beauty of African luxury through unique patterns and colours. If you appreciate these sort of textiles and patterns, you can make it work, dressing up in your style.

Falomo Indigo Pouffes × Chair from Orejen Collection
Photo Credit: Eva Sonaike, Marie Burgos

If you are one with love for printed textiles within spaces, from everything to cushions to crockery to upholstered furniture and more, that perfect pop of colour and neutral scheme could as well pop up in your fashion look. Check out how Missoni translates printed interior textiles into a fashion style.

Missoni’s Santafe pouffe, Photo Credit: Missoni, Harperbazaar.


Photo Credit: Tapiwa Matsinde/Atelier Fifty Five.

The colours reflected in your interiors could be expressed in your fashion style. For example a lover of subtle dark interiors could likely express darker tones in fashion selections.

Photo Credit: Jotun, Andrea Iyamah.


When it comes to keeping it real and comfortable in your vibe and personality, you can stay expressive and unique in reflecting yourself in what you wear and in the kind of space you desire to live in.

Check out this Bohemian interior space designed by Jungalow’s creative director who is also Bohemian in style. Photo Credit: Jungalow, Diamond Coles.

If you are largely unconventional with some bits of wild and eclecticism, just as the bohemian style trend is, you would likely pick out a lot of Colours, Fabrics and Plants within your space which can be reflected in what you wear. 

These are majorly ideas to wear on, and to have within your spaces.

Expressing yourself can come in whatever way, not just through choice finishes, but also through fabrics, colours and through your personality.

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